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Interview von Stefanie Pütz-Lehmann,, mit Steven Rothberg, Manager des sehr erfolgreichen Partnerprogrammes von Adguide's College Recruiter Employment Site.

Stefanie Pütz-Lehmann, 18.02.99

Stefanie Pütz-Lehmann ( Mr. Rothberg, can you please describe the services offered by your company?

Steven Rothberg ( Adguide's College Recruiter Employment Site is used by over 100,000 job seeking college students, grads and recent graduates a month. Most of our revenue is derived from the sale of help wanted ads on the site to employers who are hiring entry level candidates. More information is at We also sell resume services to job seekers. One of these services just launched this weekend. For $75, we will blast out a job seeker's resume to hundreds of recruiters who have signed up to receive such resumes and we will post it to hundreds of employment newsgroups. More information is at Stefanie Pütz-Lehmann: How did you get the idea to use an associate program to promote your services?

Steven Rothberg: After going through a lengthy period where we paid other sites to run our banner ads on an impression or click through basis, in September we decided to create an affiliate program. We did extensive research on running it in-house or outsourcing it. We decided to outsource it both because of a manpower issue and because we knew that we would be able to provide our affiliates with much better services if we used an organization whose entire focus was on managing affiliate programs.

Stefanie Pütz-Lehmann: What steps did you take to start your associate program?

Steven Rothberg: After comparing about half a dozen of them and communicating with some of their existing and former customers, we signed up with Commission Junction. That was probably the smartest move we made. They have some of the best systems and are one of the most caring, responsive group of people you could hope to meet. For more information, go to

Since launching our affiliate program in November, it has grown to become one of the largest and most successful on the Internet. We've been awarded the highest honors from every affiliate review site that gives out awards. For information on these, go to We now have about 700 affiliates, ranging from low traffic hobby sites to some of the highest traffic sites on the Internet.

Stefanie Pütz-Lehmann: Why is your program so successful?

Steven Rothberg: We decided to treat our affiliates as salespeople. Although we initially considered paying for impressions, click throughs, leads and sales, we were concerned about the likelihood of fraudulent impressions, click throughs and leads so we decided just to pay for sales. Because our affiliates are salespeople, however, we decided to raise the bar in the industry by paying out $125 (33%) per sale, which is about 40 times higher than many other programs pay. By paying so much, we are assured that our affiliates have every opportunity to earn a lot of money from our program. If they do well, then so do we. In addition, we have continued to work closely with Commission Junction to ensure that enrollment and in our program is easy, quick and free and that our affiliates have easy, quick access to the best statistics possible.

Stefanie Pütz-Lehmann: What do you plan to do in the future?

Steven Rothberg: Going forward, we will continue to treat our affiliates as salespeople. We will continue to offer new services and ways for them to earn even more money from our program. As soon as the systems are in place and properly tested, we will allow all of our affiliates to participate in a two-tier affiliate program, under which we will pay them for referring new affiliates to our program.

Stefanie Pütz-Lehmann: Do you think associate programs will become more important in web marketing?

Steven Rothberg: I strongly believe that affiliate programs have the potential to revolutionize online advertising by shifting the power from the advertiser/merchant to the publisher/affiliate. The merchants, however, should rejoice because no longer will they have to evaluate and weigh the relative merits of running ads on different websites and then have to gamble on the effectiveness of doing so by paying for impressions or clickthroughs. By setting up affiliate programs, merchants empower affiliates by allowing them to put their money where their mouths are. If the affiliate believes that its website can effectively run ads for another site, then the affiliate will be able to sign up and run the ads. If they're right, they'll get paid well and both they and the merchant are happy. If the affiliate is wrong, then the merchant is no worse off and all the affiliate has lost is perhaps a few minutes to modify its website and a short period of time in which it didn't earn revenues from one of the advertising spaces at its disposal.

Stefanie Pütz-Lehmann: Mr. Rothberg, thank you very much, for sharing these valuable insights and experiences!

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